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Everyone, myself included, have become so used to accessing and consuming free information of all sorts online. The desire to share, help, and to find common ground with others is a truly beautiful thing! But it also means that it has become a challenge to support one’s family by working online when what you do doesn’t fit into a neat box and cannot be easily defined.

As my Instagram account continues to grow exponentially it’s becoming increasingly difficult and time consuming to keep the personal contact with my followers alive. Questions keep coming in via DMs and emails, comments on posts need a reponse, and shares need a ‘thankyou’.

What I see happen is that many “influencers” stop participating in the conversation out of sheer exhaustion and eventually “disappear” for extended periods of time or sometimes permanently, or they start doing collaborations and sponsorships, share ads etc. While that may fit their brand and personality, that solution has never felt right for me personally, nor is it in the spirit of what I have always wanted to create here at Sigridsminde.

I want to create things for and with YOU; maintain, grow and nurture the community of nature lovers I have found with YOU.

I have also realised that if we want to reach our goal of rewilding the entire property in our own lifetime, we need help. There are still hundreds and hundreds of trees to plant, a big pond and a small lake to dig, annual income that will be lost if we no longer lease fields to local farmers but let them grow wild instead, nesting boxes for more varieties of birds to put up, maintenance of it all, and one day we hope to buy the field to the east of the house, which currently belongs to our elderly neighbours, and create a huge meadow with native species, thus creating a 180 degrees pocket of pesticide-free land. There is lots to do.

Good reasons to support Sigridsminde:

  • The photos and moments I share on my blog and on Instagram almost daily brings you a much needed breath of air and tranquility in your busy day.

  • Our life here inspires you to pursue your own version of a more intentional sustainable life.

  • My tips, ideas, projects, and knowledge about gardening and photography are useful to you.

  • You signed up to my email list to get my free photography guide and found the content helpful.

  • You have written me to pick my brain about photography, gardening books, creating a wild flower meadow, Dahlia suppliers, or something else and found my response quick, thorough and knowledgeable.

  • You don’t care about any of the above but would love to contribute to a specific, relatable nature-preserving project.



  • Purchase one of my photos

(Download your high res file immediately after purchase and order your print up to 70x100cm with the printing service of your choice. I recommend and For personal use only! Copyright remains mine and you are not permitted to edit/alter/sell/share neither the image file nor any prints made from it)

  • Attend an on-farm photography workshop

Learn more here.

  • A monthly “subscription”-based donation

All active donors will have free entry for themselves and 1 guest on open garden days and will get a tree on the property named after them.


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