Organic Seasonal


My green fingers and plant-nerding started when I was a child and spent many weekends and summer holidays exploring every nook and secret path in my grandfather's big magical garden. The way he created "rooms" within the garden, each with their own personality and atmosphere, the way he allowed his favourite  flowers to self-seed and spread into his driveway, the way he invited in wildlife and nature to garden with him instead of fighting it. All of this informs the way I garden and enjoy flowers in my adult life.


After spending 10 years behind a camera and a computer screen, it was time to make some changes and transition into a business that would allow more time to breathe in fresh air and get my hands dirty. That is my happy place. Gardening has saved me, both mind and body. As a self-taught wedding photographer I always had a natural eye for beauty, for shapes, light and colours, and photographing the bouquet and centerpieces was always one of my favourite parts of photographing a wedding day.

We grow cut flowers for:

  • Weddings and events on Ærø island exclusively in collaboration with Danish Island Weddings
  • Market bouquets are sometimes available in our road side stand throughout the summer months.
  • Cut flowers for a number of the island's restaurants and hotels.

We are a member of the Floret:


All of our flowers are seasonal and grown in the field or gathered in nature, so each bouquet is unique to whatever is in bloom on that specific day. We don't believe in Lavender in April or Peonies in August. Sigridsminde is not certified organic but we follow organic farming principles, grow everything chemical free and make our own compost and natural fertilizers.

We have created several areas in the garden and on the land around us where we have turned previous conventional farmland into wooded areas or left it wild to recover on its own so birds, bees, bugs, frogs, ladybugs, hedgehogs and a multitude of other living creatures and organisms have optimal living conditions, thus helping us with natural pest control. We never use environmentally damaging pesticides or herbicides. Nature helps us keep our plants and flowers healthy.