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Sigridsminde's Wild Garden is a constantly evolving project which we are hoping will be ready in May of 2020. It will feature a relaxing walk through several garden rooms each with their own balance of collaboration between gardener and nature. The garden has one purpose: to make you relax in the way only a wild informal lush garden can and there are lots of seating areas all around where you can sit quietly and listen to the birds and the bees.

We have created several areas in the garden and on the land around us where we have turned previous conventional farmland into wooded areas or left it wild to recover on its own so birds, bees, bugs, frogs, ladybugs, hedgehogs and a multitude of other living creatures and organisms have optimal living conditions, thus Nature helps us keep our plants and flowers healthy.

Guided tours by me, the creator of the garden, will be available for both individuals and groups for an additional fee.

20% of all entry fees will be donated to two organisations: Danmarks Naturfredningsforening and Verdens Skove, the remaining will be spent on maintaining the garden and supporting the continued rewilding project of our land surrounding the farm. 

Dates, times and further info will be added to this page as soon as everything is ready.