So many of you lovely people write to me daily asking what I use to create the photos you see on my Instagram  and on the blog. And while I will always emphasise that it is not my gear that creates the photos you see but my ability to see things a certain way, and the fact that I have had my camera in hand every day for the past 10 years, I understand the curiosity, so below you will find my very simple photography gear list:


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For my Blog and Instagram Gallery

Canon 5D Mark III

50mm 1.4 Sigma for Canon
(I have four additional lenses, including a 100mm macro, and a 70-200mm, but never really use them)

Camera Bag:
The Camps Bay backpack from Ona Bags

Adobe Lightroom
My personal tweaked version of Tribe Archipelago Preset LXC

For my Instagram Stories

Samsung Galaxy S8
(I use my phone for all stills and videos in Stories, and never edit them or add filters)


If you would like to know more about exactly how I create and compose my images go to the Workshop page.