What equipment do you use to create your photos?

I always say that my work comes from my heart and eyes not my gear, but I get why you ask. I started out 10 years ago with a rather crappy (the digital quality wasn't the best back then) Olympus camera and still managed to get a good start in wedding photography and only upgraded when I got better than what my camera could help me create. There's always time to grow :-) You can read more about my gear and editing in the Resources section.

What is it like living on a small island?

I get this questions a lot and you can read all about it in my blogpost here.

Do you offer workshops?

I've got a few workshops ideas that are rumbling around in my head. They are mostly focused on home and garden, intentional living and creativity and visual storytelling. Read more about my on-farm photography workshops and upcoming e-book here.

Would you like to collaborate on putting together a workshop at your farm?

I am all for collaboration! Feel free to email me at info@camillajorvad.com and tell me about yourself and your idea, and we'll see if it's a perfect match :-)

Is it possible to License your photos for articles and other projects?

Yes, absolutely! Please get in touch at info@camillajorvad.com or through my portfolio site contact form.

Can we book your photography services?

Yes, I frequently collaborate with creatives, farmers, artists and small businesses and brands with a focus on sustainability and quality. You can find out more and enquire about pricing and availability on my portfolio site. I no longer photograph weddings!

I am coming to Aeroe island for a holiday or weekend. What do you suggest I do/see during my stay?

You can get the full scoop on the very best the island has to offer in my personal guide to Ærø island but here is my top three:

  • Homemade ice cream (the world's best!!) with both classics and unique flavours at Cafe Aroma on the harbour in Ærøskøbing. My personal favourites are Mango sorbet, Black Sesame, Peach sorbet and Liquorice. The shop is only open in the summer months.

  • My favourite area on the island is the protected cliffs at Voderup Klint on the South-West coast.

  • A lunch at and visit to the cosy cafe and shop at Den Gamle Købmandsgaard on the town square in Ærøskøbing.