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Thoughts on Loneliness and Being Self-employed

For those of you who are already knee deep in running your own business solo you might know the kind of loneliness I am talking about. For those of you dreaming of or planning to start your own business and going it alone, these thoughts might make you think more intentionally about how you want to set yourself up and work on a daily basis moving forward.

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Misty Mornings & Kindred Spirits

When I went to the beach a few mornings ago on a 5.30am photo walk to capture the mist lifting as I have done so many times before, Maria saw me drive by from her bedroom window, texted me to ask where I was going and minutes later we met on the beach, me in kneelong sweater and rubberboots with my camera around my neck, her in her robe and slippers with their cat Camille close behind. After a hug and a little chat we parted ways, and as I turned around to look back I couldn't help but take a picture because she looked like a queen walking there, the mist glowing around her in the morning light, each of her steps an elegant considered movement, her robe gently wrapping around her slender body like that of a greek goddess. And I thought to myself, how lucky I am that she and I, with so much in common, on this vast planet, should happen to end up on the same little island, living on the same little stretch of land.

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Change Your Story

Last week, I watched a youtube video of Oprah and Tony Robbins where they talked about the story we create for ourselves, and how that impacts our lives.

I just couldn’t let that thought go. And it stayed with me in the back of my mind as I went about my business for the following days. Then I decided to sit down and write my story, to really be honest with myself about how I speak to myself, the words I use, and the story I have constructed about myself and how it makes me worse or less than I could be. That’s when I decided to change my story and actually write it down.

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