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Perfect Planting Combinations For The Informal Garden

My cottage garden space is slowly taking form and while I have stayed true to the principle of just plumping plants in with no particular order or colour scheme, several plant combinations that have thus happened by pure luck are currently catching my eye as I make my daily evening “inspection”.

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My Island: A Personal Guide To Ærø

I have some definite favourites on my list of places to go here on Ærø island that may drown in the mass of traditional tourist attractions and recommendations. So if you'd like to get my personal scoop on the very best the island has to offer read on…

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Inspired by: Claus Dalby

Being a very visual person, what first attracted me to his style of gardening was how he put together shapes and colours in his planting, or rather the colours he left out. His planting was so harmonious. In 2004 I had never seen anything like that here in Denmark. Instead it seemed like the gardening world was full of white and red roses, or bright red and yellow tulips.

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