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Perfect Planting Combinations For The Informal Garden

My cottage garden space is slowly taking form and while I have stayed true to the principle of just plumping plants in with no particular order or colour scheme, several plant combinations that have thus happened by pure luck are currently catching my eye as I make my daily evening “inspection”.

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Misty Mornings & Kindred Spirits

When I went to the beach a few mornings ago on a 5.30am photo walk to capture the mist lifting as I have done so many times before, Maria saw me drive by from her bedroom window, texted me to ask where I was going and minutes later we met on the beach, me in kneelong sweater and rubberboots with my camera around my neck, her in her robe and slippers with their cat Camille close behind. After a hug and a little chat we parted ways, and as I turned around to look back I couldn't help but take a picture because she looked like a queen walking there, the mist glowing around her in the morning light, each of her steps an elegant considered movement, her robe gently wrapping around her slender body like that of a greek goddess. And I thought to myself, how lucky I am that she and I, with so much in common, on this vast planet, should happen to end up on the same little island, living on the same little stretch of land.

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The Garden in May

May is the month where my garden changes the absoluste most from the 1st of the month to the last. In the beginning of the month everything is still mostly bare and all the beech hedges are still brown with last year's foliage. Only my many white tulips light up in the dark. Then the apple blossoms explode for 2-3 days (my favourite garden moment, even more precisous because of how short it is) and then quickly starts to fade, leaving an overwhelming dusting of white petal snow all over the lawn

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Into the Woods

I find great pleasure in living on the island of Aeroe. It is peaceful here, safe and quiet... and last but not least... clean. The sea and the lack of buildings, people, cars etc makes the air here fresh and wonderful.

However, on a very basic level my body and soul is nourished by bigger landscapes. Mountains. Wide open fields and wilderness. Tall century-old trees stretching above me. Mossy dark woods that go on and on.

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Waiting For Spring

Today, it is raining and gray outside but even so the birds' song seem to multiply and strengthen day by day and they have that certain note of cheerfulness and anticipation now. Like me, they long for spring and feel it peeking just around the corner. We have turned the page on the first official calendar month of spring, although I suspect actual spring is still a few weeks away.

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