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The Wild Gardeners: A Damp Seaside Garden

If you are as plant crazy as me, I am sure that you too are already deep into thoughts, plans and daydreams about the garden season ahead. So I thought it was about time to kick off my new blog series: The Wild Gardeners.

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Wedding: Holly & James

I am so grateful for the cool couples who come here to get married, and who don't care one bit about the weather. But I was also really happy that Holly and James decided to get married indoors, so I finally got the chance to create the indoor ceremony setup in the cottage that I have seen in my mind's eye for a few years now.

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The West Coast

The Danish West coast nourishes me on every level. Although I live surrounded by the sea here on Aeroe, the West coast is something entirely different: The drama and scale, the power of nature, the colours of the sky, the sand, the windswept grasses, the deep mossy pine woods. I go here at least once a year, and if I don't I feel a longing deep inside me.

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