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What I Want My Children to Know

When getting ready for a solo airplane trip, leaving my kids behind, is always the time when I am most accutely aware of what "lessons" I would like to pass on to them. I don't much like flying. Or rather should I say, the control freak part of me don't like flying. So basically the "fear" of dying from my kids at a young age, strips away all the daily parenting of table manners, and the "don't tease your sister" conversations and leaves only the bare bones of what I think is important in life for my children to really take to heart.

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A Magical Woodland Walk

The drive home from Trysil is a 10 hour trip and half-way home the kids needed a proper break and we all needed to stretch our legs. So when we saw a row deer playing around on a field near by, giddy with spring impulses, it seemed the perfect occasion to pull away from the highway and explore a bit. But nothing prepared me or us for the magic that undfolded when we did.

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