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Perfect Planting Combinations For The Informal Garden

My cottage garden space is slowly taking form and while I have stayed true to the principle of just plumping plants in with no particular order or colour scheme, several plant combinations that have thus happened by pure luck are currently catching my eye as I make my daily evening “inspection”.

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The Wild Gardeners: A Damp Seaside Garden

If you are as plant crazy as me, I am sure that you too are already deep into thoughts, plans and daydreams about the garden season ahead. So I thought it was about time to kick off my new blog series: The Wild Gardeners.

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Inspired By: My Grandfather's Garden

The are many ways to create a garden, and many ways to be a gardener. I have grown up with several beautiful gardens in my life. But the two that most influence me today are the one at the farm where I lived with my family from I was 13-17 years old and the second is my Grandfather's magical garden on the island of Thurø, which is not far from here. There I spent every summer holiday ...

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