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Inspired by: Claus Dalby

Being a very visual person, what first attracted me to his style of gardening was how he put together shapes and colours in his planting, or rather the colours he left out. His planting was so harmonious. In 2004 I had never seen anything like that here in Denmark. Instead it seemed like the gardening world was full of white and red roses, or bright red and yellow tulips.

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Inspired By: My Grandfather's Garden

The are many ways to create a garden, and many ways to be a gardener. I have grown up with several beautiful gardens in my life. But the two that most influence me today are the one at the farm where I lived with my family from I was 13-17 years old and the second is my Grandfather's magical garden on the island of Thurø, which is not far from here. There I spent every summer holiday ...

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February 2016

To me, February is - much like January - a month of rest and quiet, but it is also very much a month where I start to plan. On non-frosty days the birds outside have a completely different tune. A tune that sets things in motion inside me, I start to dream and imagine.

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