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My Island: A Personal Guide To Ærø

I have some definite favourites on my list of places to go here on Ærø island that may drown in the mass of traditional tourist attractions and recommendations. So if you'd like to get my personal scoop on the very best the island has to offer read on…

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That One Perfect January Morning

These days, winter around here mostly consists of wet soggy foggy days with the occasional days of hard frost and bitterly cold winds, but no snow. And then suddenly that one morning happens where the world feels engulfed in magic. Where wet and cold meet and turn the landscape into an unbelievable combination of frost, mist and sun.

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What is it like to live on an island?

I get that question alot. Somehow it is a circumstance that facinates people, also Danes, even though Denmark, in addition to the main Peninsula, Jutland, is made up of no less than 1.419 smaller islands, out of which over 400 are inhabited.

Just this past week two different lovely women (who are currently both living in the Copenhagen area) wrote me on Instagram to ask me that same question: What is it like living on an island? 

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January 2016

January, for me, is a month of rest and quiet days. With a slow daily routine, getting up, getting the kids to school and kindergarden, feeding the cats and the chickens and collecting eggs, doing a bit of work on the computer, shooting an elopement here and there, and allowing myself time to just 'be' and making sure I get to bed early. Long morning walks with my camera on those few clear frosty days, and warming up in front of the fire afterwards. Another great pleasure this time of year, when I feel spring approaching but there is nothing really "fresh" to eat yet, is to pull some of the frozen berries and fruit collected the summer before and make jam.

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