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What is it like to live on an island?

I get that question alot. Somehow it is a circumstance that facinates people, also Danes, even though Denmark, in addition to the main Peninsula, Jutland, is made up of no less than 1.419 smaller islands, out of which over 400 are inhabited.

Just this past week two different lovely women (who are currently both living in the Copenhagen area) wrote me on Instagram to ask me that same question: What is it like living on an island? 

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What I Want My Children to Know

When getting ready for a solo airplane trip, leaving my kids behind, is always the time when I am most accutely aware of what "lessons" I would like to pass on to them. I don't much like flying. Or rather should I say, the control freak part of me don't like flying. So basically the "fear" of dying from my kids at a young age, strips away all the daily parenting of table manners, and the "don't tease your sister" conversations and leaves only the bare bones of what I think is important in life for my children to really take to heart.

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Investing in the Future

Sometimes it can be scary to invest in ourselves. We spend so much time dreaming and making theoretical plans for this and that, but it can be hard to find the courage to make those dreams a reality. After a certain amount of planning and wishing, optimising your chances of success, doing the research etc the only thing left to do is take a leap and hope your planning will be accompanied by a bit of entrepreneurial luck as well.

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