Back in May, when my husband was going on a 14 day work-related course in Northern Jutland I decided to rent a house there for 4 days with the kids and Molly, so we could spend the weekend with him and I could share some of my favourite places in the most Northern part of our country with them: the town of old Skagen, Grenen, Råbjerg Mile, Den Tilsandede Kirke.

This part of the country holds such beauty, no wonder it was once the creative hub of many of Denmark’s most famous painters.

I won’t lie, spending 7½ hours on the road “alone” with two kids and an active dog, required quite a bit of planning and prep on my part, route/map based entertainment for the kids along the way, lots of food and snacks and scheduled breaks. But it all went surprisingly well. I’m not sure I really appreciate just how self-sufficient and sensible the kids have become in our everyday. But on trips like this I definitely notice, and I truly value how we can have conversations about what needs to happen and how they can participate in a way that ensures everyone has a pleasant time. I never wanted kids because I wanted babies. No, THIS is the age I have been (im)patiently waiting for! The age where we can interact, talk, and share experiences TOGETHER without me feeling like a servant with eight arms, always desperately one step behind.

I really loved this trip!