The Wild Gardeners: A Danish Cottage Garden

In this edition of The Wild Gardeners, I’m taking you to a cottage that I have wanted to photograph for years now!

The owners, Bjørn and Hanne, are the parents of three of my girlfriends, and the cottage remains a gathering point for this big creative family. It sits nestled among trees, almost hidden unless you know it’s there and has a beautiful view of wild meadows. Pheasants roam freely in front of the house, birds of prey glide across the sky, and the yard is alive with the sounds of sheep, chickens and geese.

The house itself would be my dream house if I wasn’t as tall as I am, and you cannot help but feel welcome, relaxed and at home here. Weeds grow freely with established plants, Hanne’s two greenhouses are filled to the brim with edibles, and even though these photos were taken at the end of the devastatingly dry summer of last year, the garden still felt alive and was everything I had hoped for!

I hope you enjoy this little tour and that the charm of this home comes through in my photos :-)

Before we finish I just want to give a quick shout out to my friends, the three sisters, who have clearly inherited their mother’s flair for creativity and beauty.

Louise who owns Herremark, a luxury flea market shop here on Aeroe.

Rikke who is the creative mind behind Den Gamle Købmandsgaard, my favourite cafe and shop with local and sustainable products in Aeroeskoebing.

And last but not least, youngest sister Mira, a garden nerd like me, who you can find on Instagram as my_aeroegarden