An Ode To The Beautiful Plum


As I sit at my desk writing this the last warm rays of the setting sun are making the pink and yellow flowers on the honeysuckle in the courtyard outside my window look like small fires.

Next to my keyboard is a huge bowl of plums that my husband and Ida brought in from the garden just moments ago. They call our name but all stomachs are already slightly aching from having eaten way too many of this beautiful sensual fruit.

We leave lots on the tree and on the ground for the butterflies and bees which come to greedily suck their sweet nectar. I am more than happy to share. There are plenty to go around. This year we didn’t see any cherries, the wasps and birds got them all first, but they pretty much kept away from our strawberries and raspberries. Next year it may be the reverse scenario. And I kind of like this balance or cycle of sharing our bounty with the wildlife around here.

Earlier today I spotted a cluster of aphids on one of my Cosmos ‘Purity’ blooms in the cottage garden, and it took me another split second to discover the ants eagerly climbing up and down the stem, clearly feasting on them. We all have a role to play…

It's been a long time since I've posted anything here on the blog, it has just felt like too much of a task recently, but tonight I felt inspired by the colours of the plum, so inspired that I wanted to share more than just a single frame over on IG. This felt like it needed a “story”.

So after I had admired our plum trees with branches touching the ground heavy with their precious weight, I walked around the garden searching for other plants that echoed those stunning deep rich tones of the plums.