Perfect Planting Combinations For The Informal Garden


My cottage garden space is slowly taking form and while I have stayed true to the principle of just plumping plants in with no particular order or colour scheme, several plant combinations that have thus happened by pure luck are currently catching my eye as I make my daily evening “inspection”.

And in case you like to plan your flower combinations more thoroughly than I do here is some inspiration for what I consider perfect partners, not just in terms of colour but also in terms of shape and form :-)


Above: Magnolia, Dicentra Spectabilis (Bleeding Heart) and tulips Peach Blossom, Aafke and Negrita


Above: Aquilegia Nora Barlow, white/soft yellow digitalis (Foxglove), and Valeriana officinalis


Above: Geranium macrorrhizum White-Ness and Nepeta


Rose Old Blush with a particularly lovely shade of self-seeded Aquilegia. But it would work equally well with Black Barlow, Ruby Port, Atrata or Wiliam Guiness


The strong upright stems of Valeriana work as a nice support for the somewhat floppy Geranium Patricia as well as being a lovely colour combination.


Above: the lovely and upright blush Persicaria Bistorta with the mysterious almost-black velvety Geranium Phaeum. This particular one has self-seeded but both Angelina and Lady In Mourning come very close in colour. Persicaria is a quite eager plant and can quickly cover a big area. This can be both a blessing (because I love it so) and a curse, because you will need to keep it in check so it doesn’t swallow weaker growing neighbours.

And last but certainly not least as it is currently my personal favourite: The stunning Scabiosa Caucasica and the wild hairy startlingly blue Borage. Not only is this a stunning colour combination, there is also something incredibly perfect about their shapes together.