The Wild Gardeners: Small But Productive


Last week I spent an evening at my friend, Sol's, farmhouse. She is the creative mind behind my only ever indispensible "beauty product" Tree & Earth Creams.

It wasn't the point of my visit but the light was so incredibly beautiful and I ended up with a lovely collection of images perfect for my blog series The Wild Gardeners. I love the project we've got going on here at Sigridsminde but sometimes, like when I walk around Sol's productive but unpretentious garden I long to move and start over in a much smaller space, even further from town, using less design, fewer lines, and just let the “plan” for the garden unfold organically.

Before the couple bought the farm it had been left empty for quite some time and before that had been farmed using lots of chemicals so alot of the soil around the house is only slowly coming back to life and much of it is rockhard and infertile. Sol and her husband built raised beds for their veggie garden instead and then filled them with seaweed from the beach nearby and manure and a bit of top soil. All the beds are grown as polycultures meaning there are several different types of crops growing together, they plant densely to avoid weeds, and use hay to retain the moisture in the soil. I am impressed by the amount of food they grow in a relatively small space.

To say that I love their little greenhouse would be an understatement. The couple’s eldest son is passionate about growing carniverous plants and his collection is beautiful. I have never been a fan of exotic (looking) plants myself, because I feel they look out of place around here. But in this particular family who have lived all over the world, including Portugal and Australia’s outback they feel like a natural and effortless part of their story, even here in an old Danish country garden.

I hope the perfect beauty and stillness of this particular evening comes through in the images.