Intimate Autumn Wedding Table


There is no doubt that autumn is my favourite season! There is just something so sensual and bountiful about this time of year. Which also makes it my absolute favourite time to be home, here on the farm. It is like I have unknowingly built and changed and grown this place to suit autumn more than any other time of year. It is beautiful here in summer with the blue sea glistening in the distance, it is so cosy here in the long dark months of winter with the storms howling outside, and it is a beacon of hope every spring when the grey and brown leap into a lush green beyond my wildest dreams. But it is in the slow and quiet of autumn our farm feels most welcoming. It is at that time of year there is the most harmony between indoors and outdoors.

Many of the couples who want to get married here ask if they can have a proper sit down meal but so far we have only been offering champagne and cake reception and light finger food lunches. At the beginning of this week I received my new table linens from Magic Linen in the post and as it was cloudy but not rainy and the garden was full of flowers ready to be cut and the trees still heavy with apples, I decided it was the perfect day to create my idea of an intimate autumn wedding dinner dream. So I brought alot of the indoors out into the orchard and took inspiration from the images below to create a table setting dominated by orange, blush, white, beige and dusty blue:

Photo credit from top left:

Fieldandhedgerow on Etsy

Bouquet by Ariella Chezar via Martha Stewart Weddings

Bouquet by Ponderosa & Thyme, Photo by Brumley & Wells through Magnolia Rouge

Magic Linen

Tono+co via Pinterest

Below you can follow my creative process throughout that evening of setting things up, photographing the table as the day came to an end and the sun made a quick appearance before descending behind the hills on the opposite side of the bay and until I finally blew out the candles as the rain clouds appeared on the dark horizon. The kids also decided to let Emil’s rabbit, Pjuske, make a quick appearance and I let them because his brown fur fit the colours of the shoot so beautifully and he added a bit of whimsy to the whole thing. For a brief moment it felt like a quirky Alice In Wonderland’esque dinner party :-)

First I picked my Cosmos and Dahlias and Sunflowers in the cutflower garden, then headed into the house to collect plates, cutlery, candlesticks and some of the assorted vintage stemware I have collected from flea markets over the years. I used a ball of chicken wire to hold the stems of the flowers in their place in an old china potato pot which enabled me to make a much more airy and taller centerpiece than if I had just plunked them into a vase. The flowers ended up being much bigger than I had imagined and than it would be for an actual dinner (you wouldn’t be able to see the others over this one) but it helped give the table a whimsical and bountiful feel.

When it was all ready, I kept shooting as dusk approached and the slight breeze made the candles form the most beautiful shapes. The kids came out to feed the rabbits and say goodnight, and Pjuske was the perfect living prop for a few minutes before they headed indoors.

And when the horizon grew dark and stormy I blew out the candles, took a few last shots of those beautiful smokey swirls and then started carrying everything back in the house where only Molly was still awake and waiting for me impatiently wagging her tail. Creating is a funny thing. You never quite know when you try to bring something out of your head and into the real world whether it will turn out okay, fail miserably or become even better than you had imagined.