Veggie Garden Summer Harvest


The incredible fulfillment and joy of growing and harvesting one's own food is something I would recommend to everyone who are at all able to do so.

It doesn't require that much space to feed a family of four, if you train yourself to think in succession sowing (don't sow all of your seeds of one kind of veg at once but spread them out into 2-4 sowings over the season depending on their growing speed) and rotation planting (what follows what both in one garden season and year after year to maximise growth and natural nutrients). (just an additional note: I am SO bad at both of those myself because I have the huge luxury of unlimited space)

I have mentioned this before, but buying a few heating mats back in winter to make my seeds sprout three times as fast has been a game changer for me. And never before have we succesfully grown such a big variety of veg in our garden.

Now that we have entered July, the season of sowing and nursing has been replaced by the season of harvesting. And nothing tastes better that veggies handpicked from the garden just minutes before cooking and serving.

Today's harvest included a few courgettes, beetroots, cherries, parsley, three different kind of potatoes, and baby leeks.

Here is what I made of it:

  • The leeks and courgettes roughly chopped and quickly fried in hot olive oil in a pan, then a dash of sea salt and pepper. So delicious, definitely making that again!! (note: don't overcook them or they will get soggy. Just a quick stir-fry)
  • The potatoes were simply boiled to perfection in salted water and then sprinkled with chopped parsley.
  • I rinsed, scrubbed and sliced the beetroots and left them in a bowl with a bit of apple cider vinegar, honey and salt and pepper for 10-15 minutes. Then added a bit of goat cheese and walnuts.

We also bought some smoked fish in town.

And we ate the cherries straight and clean from the bowl for dessert.

The result: a super fresh delicious summer dinner, that even the kids liked!