What I'm dreaming of at the moment


This is what I'm dreaming of and working towards right now:

To have a worklife where I don't have to apologise for wearing my rubber boots more than any other pair of footwear I own. Where it is natural that I am sweaty and dirty all day long. Where my semi permanently dirty garden fingers are just a fact of life and not a nuisance I have to deal with by desperately (and in vain) scrub my hands red every time I head off to shoot a wedding or have a meeting and have to "look nice". 

That I finally (after 10 years of running my own business) get my own studio/office/creative space that is all mine! A space with room enough to accommodate both my computer work and editing, my food and still life photography, a cabinet full of all the props I have collected at flea markets over the years, a table where I can play with my watercolours and drawings without having to pack it all away each time. And finally a small bed where I can meditate, rest, read and relax without the kids leaving toys or dirty clothes. We have a very big house, and I look forward to have a room of my own here.

That we as a family find the perfect balance between living the "private" quiet life we truly desire and need while also sharing this beautiful place we have created with others (which is also very important to me).

While I keep working on that, you can scroll down and enjoy the misty sunrise from a few days ago ;-)