June 2018


June was full of stress, but also so much beauty!

My brother married the love of his life (and my name sake funny enough) in our garden, on what was almost the only really bad weather weekend we've had all summer so far... Well, that's life. It meant more to me than I can explain that they chose to tie the knot here at our home, but I think that is a topic for a seperate blogpost soon :-)

June brought new life to our little smallholding: 4 rabbits (two of which are for petting, and two destined for the pot), and lots and lots of new little chickens. A very interesting mix between our already very mixed chickens and our new white Araucana rooster. So what came out of it was an incredible variety of gray, white, spotted and black. Will be so interesting to see what they look like when they are fully grown. And last but not least my husband decided to raise another batch of pheasant chicks.

I ordered a nice stack of holiday reading which I am so looking forward to digging into in July.

We got through the usual end-of-school-year craziness of activities and parties and commitments but it's going to take some time to recover for all of us, the kids included. Most nights are still a blur of tears and tantrums. But it will get better.

We head down to the beach for a swim almost daily (one of my genuinely greatest pleasures of living here on the island is the ability to have an activity like that be a simple and easy daily joy instead of a demanding expedition)

My flowers, especially my roses, came and went in the blink of an eye. And it looks like the heat and drought is going to continue at least for most of July too. So my first year as a flower farmer continues to be utterly unpredictable. It's certainly not boring.


And then there was that one day when the rain finally came pouring down and I was so happy that I thought that day deserved a blogpost all on its own.

And that day of rain finally kicked my super thirsty veggie garden, cut flower garden, and wild flower meadow into gear. And we have been able to eat something from our garden every day since. 

And about a week ago I finally got the pest control I had been waiting for, when ladybug after ladybug descended and started munching on all the aphids that had slowly but steadily taken over every stem of flower and vegetable in the garden.