May 2018

And so May came to an end. I can describe it in very few words: It felt like summer.

On the plus side, nothing but blue skies, quiet sunrises and sunsets, hatching chickens, delicate apple blooms and a special visit from friends I haven't seen since this day in Scotland (my friend Sofia is a scientist, world traveller, incredible mother and a very talented film photographer and you can buy her beautiful prints here).

On the down side, it's been baptism by fire for me as a flower farmer. Roses in bloom a month earlier than normal while my tulips wilted in the heat along with many other spring flowers.

May has had its ups and downs, but as I sit here now looking at the photos I have taken this past month, it all looks rather lovely and I feel lucky to live the life that I do and grateful for the people I get to share it with.