That One Perfect January Morning

These days, winter around here mostly consists of wet soggy foggy days with the occasional days of hard frost and bitterly cold winds, but no snow. And then suddenly that one morning happens where the world feels engulfed in magic. Where wet and cold meet and turn the landscape into an unbelievable combination of frost, mist and sun.

On days like that I always wake early as if I can sense something is about to happen. And as soon as I get out of bed, long before the sun even begins to peek above the horizon, I grab my camera stick the kids a rye bread sandwich and a banana to go and we head down to the beach and the meadows beyond which is always the last place on the island where the fog lifts.

What revealed itself on this very morning left me fighting to catch my breath and at the same time I couldn't help but talk to myself all the time, since there were no other adults around who could truly share this with me (the kids were busy looking at frozen fish caught in the ice).

Once the sun properly wafted away the fog and the light turned hard and our fingers and toes too cold to ignore, we headed home to let out the chickens and let Molly out for a run in the garden. I couldn't help but laugh at the very guilty glance she sent me when she saw me watching her eat the apples (which she is absolutely allowed to do, but apparently I'd forgotten to tell her)

I hope you enjoy all of this beauty. And just a warning: this is a long post, so if you do not gasp and delight at the sight of frost and sunrise combo like I do, you might get bored along the way :-D