An Evening In The Garden: December 11th 2018


Actually this is not an evening tour, but an afternoon tour. It it pitch black outside around 4 in the afternoon this time of year. A quick calculation in my head tells me that I now have 10 full hours less to work in my garden daily than I have in the middle of summer. 10 hours less!! No wonder that most days I feel like I literally don’t have time for the things I want to or should be doing! Next year I will definitely remember this and make sure that I get all the must-do’s done by the end of October.

Black isn’t just the colour of the late afternoon sky. It is also one of the predominant colours in my garden right now even during the day. So I brought the camera with me to explore all these dark tones wherever I could find them.

While the photographer in me is still waiting for that first misty frosty morning, the gardener is happy that I once again seem to have the full year out to work the garden.

Today we lifted, cleaned and put away all the Dahlia tubers. I did most of the work myself because, well, its my project, and also because my husband is working as hard as he can getting the new kitchen semi-finished for christmas, but he and the kids came out to help get the last few clumps out of the ground and I grabbed this very rare opportunity to catch a few photos of all four of us.

And tomorrow I think I will put the new fence posts in the ground so we can move the horses and get started on preparing the soil in the left 1/3 of the horse field that will become a rather big flower meadow next summer. I have plans in my head for a winding path through the meadow with grasses, blue and white lupins, chamomile, cow parsley, mother of pearl poppies, daisies, and pincushion flowers in wide swathes on both sides. And eventually it will all be shielded from the road by all the birch, oak and pine trees I planted a few weeks ago, as well as a natural hedge of Lilacs.

But for now I will settle for the dark colours and calming decay of the garden and the landscape around us, and spend