Inspired By: Jonna Jinton

Photo by Jonna Jinton

Photo by Jonna Jinton

It's been a VERY long time since I last did an 'Inspired by...' blogpost. But I am writing one today, and I think I will do more of them in the future, because when I discover something or someone that genuinely touches me and inspires me I want to do all I can to share the love and do the small part I can to help them on their way.

Today, I want to share Jonna with you. In case you don't already know her she is a young Swedish girl who moved from the big city and now lives in a tiny village far into the deep woods of Sweden. She is a multi-talented creative and creates the most incredible photos, films, art, stonebalancing and songs (or Kulning as it is traditionally called), always with her connection to nature as the red thread. I have been following Jonna on Instagram for a few years now, and it always lifts my spirit when I see one of her magical landscapes show up in my feed. I love how she captures the magic of nature and that mystical and mythical atmosphere her work always holds but without becoming a costume party or being overly manipulated. It is a modern honest portrait of nature. And we are all lucky that she has invited us along for the ride.

I am only 34 years old and I have no regrets in my own life so far. What my life looks like right now, is by all measures beautiful and meaningful, is the result of many conscious decisions made over the past 10 years, and I know my own journey is far from over.

But when I look at Jonna's work and life, I feel that she is living the life I would be living had I chosen a different, more independent, more "wild" version of the life I am living now. I feel lucky that I get to live that alternative life through her art. The life I could have lived if I was "free" to pursue my creative impulses at the exact moment and time of day (or night) they come around or in the exact moments that nature reveals that elusive extraordinary almost spiritual beauty, and not hours or sometimes even days later when my responsibilities as mother, partner etc allows me to. Or the kind of place I would live in if my husband was not convinced the only place in the world he wants to live is here. 

If I am lucky enough to live a long and healthy life, I know I will be able to choose that life at a later point. An even simpler, even more nature-connected, more slow, more creative life. When this service-focused phase of my life is done and the kids are grown, when I feel that I have accomplished what I was meant to do with this little spot on earth, Sigridsminde. And when my husband is ready to leave the island for a period of time again, as we have done before, then I will go look for that cabin in the woods or in the mountains, where we have nature right at our doorstep all day, all year round, where there is peace and quiet to feel and listen and just be, and when I can move even closer to the creativity that is ever present inside me, and that has been a part of me ever since I locked myself in my room when I was 12 years old every afternoon and every weekend to draw and paint and read. To soak up knowledge and express my own art.

Mitra Sohrabian has recently made a film about Jonna that can be purchased on Vimeo On Demand, (which I did yesterday) just search for 'Natures fairy - always connected'. And do yourself a favour a go follow her blog and Instagram for your daily dose of nature and beauty.

ALL photos in this post are Jonna Jinton's incredible work!