September 2017

september title.jpg

September marks the beginning of my favourite season. It never fails to inspire me with its misty golden mornings.

Where August is the month of Plums, in September and October we feast on apples, both as we make litres and litres of juice for the freezer for winter and for picking as we walk through the garden.

The garden is slowly winding down, and the last green tomatoes and pumpkins will probably never become ripe. Last year I was able to pick red tomatoes far into November. I doubt that will be possible this year.

The kitchen garden has been a pure mess this year, as I had to cover half of it with thick black plastic last spring. Just one more season of that and it should get permanently rid of the three most persistent weeds I struggle with here: dandelions, couch grass, and bindweed. It looks ugly as hell, but I refuse to spray weedkiller anywhere on our property and even that is no guarantee it will die completely.

I have been doing experiments with our food budget this month. Seeing how many evening meals I can make, how many days I could go without shopping for groceries or spending any money. The experiment wasn't planned, so I hadn't stocked up on tons of things. I just cooked whatever we had in the fridge, freezer and garden.

We did not starve in any way. And I found so many things I had completely forgotten about, as well as making room in the freezer for all the produce and meat coming in during autumn.

A sample menu consisted of porridge with strawberry jam and nuts for breakfast; salad and falaffels with dressing made from Ida's soy yoghurt for lunch; and finally baked garlic sweet potatoes and chicken roast cooked in apple juice from last autumn. Not bad at all :-)

I am still optimistic about making our budget work now that my husband has changed job, but the toughest/slowest months in my business is not until january-march, so let's see how it goes. Those are also the months I always work less and rest in order to get through the very busy summer months without getting stressed, so I would prefer to not have to take on more work during those months than I'm used to.

I have also decided to invest in a series of coaching sessions with Maja Ørum of Livsgejst (have done one session already) to help me navigate as I balance the winding down of my wedding photography business (which is paying the bills right now) and amping up everything Sigridsminde (which will hopefully one day pay the bills). Getting someone you trust and who gets you, to look at everything objectively is invaluable and I am very happy with the process so far.

I hope you have enjoyed your September too. I am very much looking forward to the month ahead as well. There is lots to do, but the best part of it is that it is mostly outdoors/garden focused, and not much computer work :-)