August 2017


August is coming to an end, and once again I am promising myself that I MUST be more diligent in summing up each month here on the blog. 

I am so thrilled you are here, reading my babbling sentences and following along on our smallholding/sustainable/country living journey here at Sigridsminde :-) But I also consider this blog my personal journal. I write all of this just as much for myself, to document the life we craft for ourselves, the thoughts I am thinking in this moment, at this time in my life. Because, of course, our lives are made up of days, and as has been so famously said: How you spend you days, is how you spend your life.

Going through my many photography folders from this past month, they are full of roses. My roses have been very prolific and beautiful this year, even though I still don't add fertilizer nor spray for pests and disease. Even the rain has not been a huge problem for the flower heads and petals.

Speaking of rain...


One evening I went out to walk Molly before bedtime, there were the STRANGEST cloud formations I have ever seen. The following photos have not been manipulated in any way. The sky really looked like that. I just stood there staring for minutes half expecting the UFO mothership from Independence Day bursting through at any time.

Several plants in the garden in addition to the roses came into their own (again) in August.

The Jasmines looking like they were on fire with white snow:


The deepest darkest Clematis


The purest white Phlox


August was also the month we finally finished the 1 year long reonvation of the little side house on the farm, henceforth known as The Wedding Cottage :-)

And I got a chance to refreshen my wedding cake baking skills...


And to my surprise there were enough flowers in the garden to deliver a few bucketfulls to my friends at Danish Island Weddings. I simply cannot wait until it gets wet and cool enough for me to start working on the re-design of my vegetable/cottage/cut flower garden, so I can produce and sell even more healthy mixed organic flowers next summer!

And last but certainly not least, august was a beautiful bountiful PLUM month. Having a bounty of food right at my doorstep makes me feel blessed. I am by no means a religious person, so I don't mean blessed in the religious sense. But blessed in the sense that I feel like I am where I need to be at this time in my life, blessed because the whole family is healthy, because I have the freedom to do what I love, to take pictures, to cook, to forage, to grow (in every sense of the word). 

Of course there are hiccups here and there: it has (yet again) been a relatively stressful summer business/work wise; my relationship with my estranged mother is never easy; there are still some things to be figured out with regards to our family finances now that my husband has come home and I have become the primary breadwinner, as well as the kids still needing to adjust to the fact that we are now two adults in the house. They clearly still haven't understood that their father is no longer always kind of on his way out the door and off to the other side of the planet. But I am optimistic. And I find myself growing more and more optimistic the older I get and the better I get to know myself.

How has your August been? :-)