Coming Home


For some reason my last few posts have been kind of "heavy". So today is a slightly lighter one :-)

When you have a property the size of ours, there is a never-ending list of ongoing projects weaving in and out of eachother. One of these projects have been on my dream list since I first set foot on the farm 15 years ago when my parents in law were living here: to close off the tiny front courtyard/parking space by the road and make a new longer, more private driveway on the backside of the house.

Step one: making the driveway itself, we did last spring. Since then I have continuously worked on step two: building a stone fence on each side of the entrance point. Step three: putting up our beautiful handcrafted wooden "Sigridsminde" sign by the road, happened this spring.

And now, very soon, as soon as the leaves drop from the branches, and the air and soil get moist, I reach the final and favourite step: moving 20 Birch trees, 6 Pine trees, and 5 Oak trees, all of them about 3 metres tall already, from the nursery to the area around the entrance. The wooden sign in combination with the mossy stone fence, the grasses that grow wild, the white trunks of the birch trees and the sweet scent of the pine trees, all of this will make up my dream entrance.


I want to "hide" the property from the road. I want to feel like you are entering a magical place, a private haven. I not only want this to be our guests' first impression of Sigridsminde when they arrive, I also want this feeling for myself every time I come home. I want to arrive on my bicycle, hear the gravel crunch under the wheels as I turn off the road and onto the dirt road; see the light filtering through the tree crowns above my head, creating a tunnel for me to be transported into another world. Suddenly the road opens up and reveals the glittering blue bay down below on the right hand side. I will pass my veggie garden surrounded by the chesnut fencing and full of colourful shapes and scented leaves, nourishing vegetables and a buzzing of bees and chirping of birds. A dragon fly will stand still in the air in front of me before it settles on one of the warm stones that line the flower beds by my potting shed. Hundreds of butterflies will swirl in the air as I stretch out my hand and let it brush against the buddleia shrubs that shelter the veggie garden. On the opposite side of the driveway the sheep, munching on juicy green grass, will lift their heads and look at me, grass still sticking out of the side of their mouthes. Some of the chickens will likely be pecking and scratching for beetles and bugs in the gravel and make annoyed noices as they run away and let me pass. Then the garden and courtyard opens up straight in front of me, revealing the house with our big bedroom window on the first floor and below it the big oak terrace smothered in vines and Clematis and rambling roses.

This is my dream. This is my home...


If you are looking for inspiration to create your dream country home, both indoors and outdoors, or just to dream about your dream home, feel free to have a look at my Pinterest boards where you will find lots of beautiful images and practical articles :-)