Investing in the Future


I just spent thousands of kroner ordering flower bulbs of all sorts to be planted this autumn in my flower field. So far my time investment in this project has been far greater than my financial one. But with this purchase I am taking the first serious step into the future of Sigridsminde. I already deliver flowers twice a week to my friend Louise who is the creative mind behind the local wedding planner service here on Aeroe island, Danish Island Weddings. But with this investment in bulbs, I can start delivering far earlier in spring, and with the purchase of hundreds of seeds as well, I can deliver far into autumn.

Sometimes it can be scary to invest in ourselves. We spend so much time dreaming and making theoretical plans for this and that, but it can be hard to find the courage to make those dreams a reality. After a certain amount of planning and wishing, optimising your chances of success, doing the research etc the only thing left to do is take a leap and hope your planning will be accompanied by a bit of entrepreneurial luck as well.

It is time to invest in the future. I am ready to leap.