A Magical Woodland Walk


The drive home from Trysil is a 10 hour trip and half-way home the kids needed a proper break and we all needed to stretch our legs. So when we saw a row deer playing around on a field near by, giddy with spring impulses, it seemed the perfect occasion to pull away from the highway and explore a bit. But nothing prepared me or us for the magic that undfolded when we did.

Our kids always moan and groan when I pull over to take a picture of something that captures my attention. They always make comments about 'silly mom' when I gush over the landscape or a beautiful sunset. It used to just be Ida, but now Emil is old enough to join in as well. However, I know they only do it annoy me, or because they are not yet able to put their own feelings into words. Because I see them, on a daily basis, take great pleasure in being outdoors. Most evenings, nomatter the weather, I have to force them to stop playing and come inside when it's time for dinner. I see them being interested in and caring for nature's creatures both big and small. I know they feel the same way about nature as I do and as my husband do, that nature is like the last piece of a basic puzzle in their DNA.

Coming straight from the magnificent snow covered mountains just a few hours earlier, the sight that met us when we entered the woods was like a Nordic rainforest. It was lush and green and full as if it was merely a cold summer's day and not early March.

Although I will not live to see the trees in our newly planted woodland areas grow quite this tall, I genuinely hope that I will live to see it have the same magical mystical atmosphere.