Inspired by: Claus Dalby


Probably 1/4 of the content on my bookcase is gardening books (another 1/4 is cook books) and many of them are by Claus Dalby, one of Denmark's most popular (if not the most popular) garden writers and publishers. 

I was lucky enough to visit the author's own private garden in Aarhus a few years ago when two of my good friends gave me a tour of his garden as a present for my 30th birthday.

Meeting him was like how I imagine other people feel when meeting their favourite movie star or music icon. I was nervous like hell, blushing, super shy. But walking through the garden that I had seen so many times on the pages of his books was incredible. Claus lives in a stately home and his whole garden has a distinctly designed and formal feel with statues, white doves, a stone pavillion, several huge green houses and reflective ponds which all suit the main house perfectly, but that are very different from my own humble farmhouse and the garden that I am creating here.

But there are still lots of things and ideas that I can take away and implement in my own wild country garden. He started a whole new trend in planting. When I bought his first book back in 2004, I had so much trouble finding the plants he mentioned, but now most of them are sold in every garden center around the country or online.

Being a very visual person, what first attracted me to his style of gardening was how he put together shapes and colours in his planting, or rather the colours he left out. His planting was so harmonious. In 2004 I had never seen anything like that here in Denmark. Instead it seemed like the gardening world was full of white and red roses, or bright red and yellow tulips.

I loved the way he brought English gardening traditions to Denmark, the way he created seperate rooms within his garden, rooms that each had a "personality" of their own. Furthermore, he developed into a talented photographer himself, and to me nothing kills a great gardening book like black/white or poor quality photography. Each and every one of his books are full of beautiful photographs.

Today I am sharing some of the images I took that day, and I hope you will enjoy a little tour of this inspirational garden.

You can see more of Claus Dalby on his own website and blog here.