November 2017

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The first day of November marked the day that we said a teary-eyed goodbye to our adopted cat of two years, Alot. He was not well anymore and it was time :-(


It was also the month that we finally finished and moved into the new upstairs bedroom and bathroom after a 5 year process of reconstruction and renovation.

We have made the decision to take the kids out of school for the next three months so I can spend some time with them here at home for December, January and February. The kids LOVE their school so this is in no way a permanent solution. Just a chance to get closer to eachother again after some very busy and stressful years where I have felt like less of a mother than I could be.

I worked through most of my maternity leave with both of them, which is kind of the deal when you are self-employed. I am determined to make these three months a change for us and how we talk to and deal with eachother on a daily basis. I need to retrain myself to not raise my voice when I get frustrated, and I would like to teach our kids to be slightly (read: alot) more grateful for what they have, in every sense of the word.

Everywhere we go, people are always telling us that our kids are the sweetest, kindest most well-behaved kids they've ever met. And while we are grateful that our kids are kind and behave well in the company of others, when we are home, or they are with us, the dominant impression that my husband and I are left with is of two intolerably ungrateful disobedient obnoxious kids. And we want that to change. The best way to do that is to spend more time with them and teach by doing (or being). So... change starts with me.

Our puppy, Molly, has hit the teenage stage and has (as expected) COMPLETELY forgotten everything I have taught her the past 4 months. So it is time buckle down on the patience side and start over. (and yes that is messy laundry in the background. This time of year the drying rack has a permanent spot in front of the fireplace.)

And finally, after enjoying several weeks of my Nordic neighbours' wintery Instagram adventures, we got our own short frosty morning.

And that was November which came and went just as quickly as every other month this year. Although our days are relatively slow compared to many people's, I may have to concede to my mother in law's statement that time moves faster the older we get. Time is a mysterious thing :-)