Inspired By: My Grandfather's Garden

romantisk have med hvid korea kornel

The are many ways to create a garden, and many ways to be a gardener.

I have grown up with several beautiful gardens in my life. But the two that most influence me today are the one at the farm where I lived with my family from I was 13-17 years old which included a big orchard on a sloping hillside full of juicy pears, a birch clearing with tons of perennials and entertwining grass paths, a meadow, a beautiful lawn with the biggest most prolific cherry tree I have ever seen, an actual wood, and a hill with a magnificent view of the surrounding countryside and the most spectacular sunsets.

The second garden is my Grandfather's magical garden on the island of Thurø, which is not far from here. As one of the last old orchard properties on the island it has direct access to Svendborg sound and its own private beach and jetty. There I spent every summer holiday and many weekends inbetween exploring secret passages through bamboo "forrests", made hideaways under the flowering canopy of the beautiful Cornus or the dense curly branches of the Corylus Avellana, marvelling at the delicate checkered heads of the Fritillarias that self-seeded all over his gravel driveway, and walked narrow rock paths among lush ferns, rhododendrons and the foreign looking Magnolia sieboldii which my Grandfather grew from seed. His kitchen garden was always my first taste of new potatoes and fresh strawberries every June, and I filled my stomach with peas as I moved about the grounds. You never knew when you would run into a big hedgehog on the lawn, or see the most beautiful varieties of small birds eating from the bird house he had strategically placed on the lawn in front of the dining room window.

I now have the incredible luxury of almost "unlimited" amounts of land to create my own dream garden. One that our children and maybe someday our grandchildren will look back on with the same love and sense of adventure.

My Grandfather is in his 90s now and has had to make changes to the garden design in recent years to match his declining eyesight and slower and weaker physique. But the garden is still alive to me, and I would like to give you a little tour: