I had horses when I was younger. But I have known for the past many years that I did not have the time nor the energy or money to take proper care of an animal like that at this particular time in my life. And I never do things by half. I either give someone or something my all or I don't do it at all.

But our daughter, Ida, has fallen in love and has been riding at our local equestrian center (which is just across the road from us) for about 1½ years now. And I have to admit that I have started longing a little bit. Daily grooming and connection with such a sensitive and intelligent animal is definitely a great way to de-stress and feel more positive, that feeling of utter freedom as you thunder across an open field, dirt flying, the muscles working beneath you, it is incredible. And add to that the wholy new experience of being able to share this love with my daughter...

So I have come to the conclusion not to completely dismiss ever riding again