Our Life in The Country: Skovby Gamle Skole


I love our life in the country. And I am always happy to get to know people who share my love of rustic homes, history, atmosphere, nature, and creative ideas.

Last summer, I created a shoot with Vibeke Bullinger, the master craftswoman and idea maker behind the childrens clothing brand, Ivan Paalaeg. I love her designs, and my daughter Ida has several of her outfits. You can take a look at the shoot and the beautiful clothes here.

Vibeke and her husband Jørg are also the owners of an inspiring old property here on Aeroe island, Skovby Gamle Skole. It is an old school built in 1889, but now works as both their own home as well as holiday apartments for tourists. 

Read on to discover what is even more remarkable about this place and what compelled me to photograph this beautiful countryside home :)

For decades, students of the school cut their names into the red brick walls.

As is also the case with our own farmhouse and cottage garden here at Sigridsminde, nature is - to a certain extent - allowed to roam free. Although I am ready to embrace other people's values and life choices, I have never and never will understand people who choose to spend their lives combatting nature in their gardens. It is a hopeless battle and - in my humble opinion - not worth the aggravation nor the time it takes.

But now we come to the real curiosity. Behind the garden gate, nestled on a hill surrounded by trees, you will find a... mini-kiwi plantation. I find it utterly fascinating that such an exotic fruit can be grown and even thrive in our cold wet climate. I first saw this a few years ago when the plants were still babies. Now they grow like weeds, stretching out their tentacles many meters in the air. When I came, Jørg was in the process of tying the new shoots onto wires to keep them in place. The fruit is green like it's big brother, but can be eaten peel and all, is much sweeter, and is about the size of a grape.

The plants can easily reach a length of six meters and can cover a whole tree once they get a hold.

I have been allowed to return and photograph the harvest this autumn and I can't wait. Who knows, maybe I will be rewarded with a few samples ;)

If you would like to know more about the old school or plan your summer holiday, you can visit their website here