Waiting For Spring


Today, it is raining and gray outside but even so the birds' song seem to multiply and strengthen day by day and they have that certain note of cheerfulness and anticipation now. Like me, they long for spring and feel it peeking just around the corner. We have turned the page on the first official calendar month of spring, although I suspect actual spring is still a few weeks away.

So while I wait, I make sure to take long walks and spend as much time in the garden as possible on every rare sunny day. I swore I heard a Larch sing high above me yesterday, and there is no sound more spring-y than a bumble bee happily  thugging past your nose as you lean back on the house walls warmed by the increasing power of the sun. (The bumble bee has always been my personal favourite spring marker) I try to make myself a salad full of fresh tastes, crunchy textures and bright colours every day for lunch. In the garden the tulips' green leaves have sprung up through the soil shaped like cigars, the hardy poppies who bloom early in summer have long bright green shoots by now, despite the occasional frosty nights, and one of my favourites in May and June, the pastel coloured Aquilegias, started to reveal their purple/green rosettes already back in December. Like me, they are just waiting...