Inspired by: Kristian Humaidan


I love music. Many songs can make me cry (Søs Fenger's beautiful version of Anne Linnet's 80's hit "Barndommens Gade" destroys me every.single.time). I enjoy putting on pop artists like Katy Perry or Bruno Mars and dancing with the kids in our livingroom (yes my daughter caught the "Roar" bug, too), and few things signify freedom to me as much as listening to great music while driving. But Only three times in my life has music really had a significant impact and helped shape and define a certain part of me or a specific period in my life. The first is the lullaby "Elefantens Vuggevise" that I used to sing with my mother and now sing to my own kids almost every night. The second was when Norah Jones released her debut album "Come Away With Me" in 2002 (The title song and "Don't Know Why" still gets me in a special mood every time I hear them). And the third is and forever will be Danish singer/song writer Tina Dickow's "Warm Sand". I have always felt that particular song was like the soundtrack of my personality or my most genuine identity, strong but melancholic.

Kristian "UFO" Humaidan is a gifted Danish singer, producer and wordsmith. Over the years, after my English studies at university and now after years of working primarily with english speaking clients, I think and dream in english. I often find myself hesitating and lacking words when speaking Danish. Words and sentences seems to flow more easily in English and I prefer reading English books too. I have always felt that Danish is a clumpsy and unsophisticated language compared to English, but Kristian's intricate yet basic lyrics have made me fall back in love with my language. Many of the tracks on his new album spoke to me and spoke to a pain deep within me that I struggle to come to terms with during these years of my life, some of it old pain and some of it new challenges that come with raising children and staying connected to myself and to my husband in the midst of everyday life. The overall tone and mood of the album, and the songs "Stjernesprog", "Bag Horisonten", "Januar 81" and "Voksenværk" in particular, have now become the soundtrack of this particular period of my life.

Kristian and his wife are the most inspiring people I know. And although I feel I know them well by now and have worked with them before (on their wedding day), going into this shoot I was a bundle of nerves. I really wanted to do a great job for him, to create photographs that stood equal to his musical effort. Kristian's insistance on being true to himself and his effortless generosity towards his fellow human beings inspired me to dig out the artist inside me, the one who looks beyond pretty and finds beauty in the unplanned and in "imperfections", the one who craves to observe, experiment and create. I challenged myself to see light differently and to try and capture the beauty, masculinity and diversity of his personality in harmony with this rough piece of nature, the Voderup cliffs on Ærø. I hope I succeeded...