Foggy Winter Days


It seems this is not going to be a snowy winter. So far we have had about 5 cm of snow which only lasted for about 24 hours before it dissolved into water and mud. There are distinctive changes in the bird's song outside, the delicate but strong white heads of the tiny snowdrops are pushing through the black soil everywhere in my garden. Spring is approaching fast and it seems unlikely that the snow will come now. The kids are a bit disappointed , but I am thoroughly enjoying the foggy days. So quiet and muffling every sound except for the rain drops dripping from every horizontal surface in sight and decorating branches like lines of jewels and the faraway conversations of the huge flocks of swans and geese feeding on the winter cabbage on the fields surrounding our house.

After taking the kids to their kindergarden, I took the long way home vis the dirt roads along the coast of the island, stopping the car several times to walk around for a bit and lose myself and the sense of time in all the quiet. Didn't meet a single car or person. All alone... and I loved it.

After a few hours in the cold, I headed home for lunch. We always have free range eggs in the house. Light brown eggs with the most beautiful depp orange yolks. We will get our own chicken coop this spring, so until then we always buy from a local farm. With eggs in the house I can always create a huge variety of meals for both breakfast, lunch and dinner in no time, and use whatever leftovers I have in the fridge or freezer. I decided to make a pie and had some leftover broccoli, green beans and onions from a salad the day before. I lightly roasted some pine nuts on the pan to add a bit of salty crunch on top.