The Magical in the Unexpected


This morning was yet another beautiful crisp cold clear morning, and naturally I grabbed my camera as soon as the skylight made photography possible to head outside. As I was putting on my boots Ida suddenly yells at me from the living room: "Mom, why are there horses in the garden?"
So we go outside and discover the neighbor's 12 horses spread out across all parts of our garden and courtyard. I of course immidiately call everyone I can think of to come help get them back where they belong across the street, but apparently very few people want to pick up their phone on early saturday mornings, so the nearest help once I got a hold of someone is a 10 minute drive away. So we have to wait. I have been around horses myself for years, so I knew there was no point trying to get them all away from the tasty grass and back into their fold on my own. So instead I quickly snapped a few photos. Setting aside my HUGE irritation that they have completely ruined every bit of grass in every part of my garden, the moment was quite magical. The surealness of all those horses quietly moving about as if it was the most natural thing in the world, every surface, every leaf on the trees and bushes as well as the tips of the horses' ears covered in shimmery frost, not a sound except a few geese in the distance. Just me and the kids. It seemed like something to document and remember. At least now we don't have to rake up all the rest of the apples that was lying around in the orchard