December 2016

From now on I will try to blog at the end of each month, in addition to the usual posts, to sum up what's going on here at Sigridsminde throughout the year.

So, on this last day of 2016, I thought I would take a little look back at our December.

I am still enjoying the huge flocks of geese that are grazing on our fields and the surrounding countryside. The sight and sound of them taking off all at once still takes my breath away.

December was also the month when I finally found the time to finish renovating and decorating our downstairs livingroom and the adjoining temporary entrance room. For years our home has been very Danish white on white, but this past year I've felt more and more drawn to darker colours that create a more intimate and cosy atmosphere. It took forever to scrape off 6 layers of old paint to expose the beams, but it was all worth it and I am really loving our new wallpaper from Borås.

For most of December my cottage garden and the landscape around us has been dominated by shades of brown with just a few bursts of colour here and there...

But there were one or two magical mornings where the night frost lasteded past sunset, so I could capture it all...

A year ago we adopted our cat Alot (the big guy you see sleeping on a chair in one of the photos above) and a few weeks ago we adopted another cat, the 2 year old Noni. She has already found her place within our family. She loves to cuddle and since Alot is a very reserved gentleman who prefers peace and quiet, Noni has quickly become the kids' favourite. Although her and Alot are not the best of friends they tolerate eachother, which is all we could ask for at this early stage.

December has been full of beautiful clear nights with more stars than you will ever see if you live in the city. There is nothing more magical and meditative than laying on the ground and looking up at this. I am not quite sure I will ever really grasp the vastness of the sky, but maybe that's part of the magic.

I am a big fan of this darker colder season which is the best time of year for "hygge", but I am not big on Christmas. For the kids' sake, though, we did decorate the house with their own homemade deecorations and bought a small christmas tree with root (which is now planted outside in our woodland garden). As my husband left for his job in late November and won't be back home until early January, we had a traditional Danish christmas dinner before he left and gave him his gifts.

My littlebrother hosted Christmas this year in his apartment in Copenhagen, and on the drive home on the 25th the kid's were not my biggest fans, as I kept stopping the car to take pictures of the moody landscape in some of my favourite spots on the South of Fyn.

On the 27th we celebrate our Ida's 7th birthday. She didn't get any presents this year, as instead we had decided to gather the present money from our whole family to give her a room of her own as a gift. Her face, as she opened the door to the room which had been off limits for the entire month while I got it ready, was priceless. She got to pick out the wallpaper herself and only had one specific wish, a canopy bed. The canopy was the only new thing I bought, the rest are vintage furniture, either our own or found online.

The month came to a perfect finish when I received a special package yesterday, my christmas present to myself: the beautiful 'Blossom' ceramics I ordered from Australian artist Jennifer Orland

Now there is nothing left to do but to turn off the computer and go check on the lamb roast in the oven and get ready for my dear friend, colleague and neighbour Maria and her family to come and have new year's dinner with us.

Happy New Year everyone. Looking forward to what 2017 has in store for us!