Ærø and Sigridsminde is the perfect place to slow down and reconnect with your creativity. Whether your are a professional creative/business owner or just someone looking to escape the stress of your daily life and rediscover what makes you feel inspired.

In collaboration with local suppliers, makers, and creatives, we arrange group workshops and retreats. And you are always welcome to get in touch if you would like us to create a custom experience for your company retreat, bus tour, bachelorette party, etc.

Due to weather, light, and supply, retreats are available in two seasons: spring/summer in May-June and autumn in September-october. Both have their own unique charm and characteristics (colours, smells, textures, tastes, light, and atmosphere). 

Please sign up below to receive news of upcoming workshops or describe your idea of the perfect custom experience, so we can make that happen for you :-)

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